The tradition I carry on is…
The tradition I carry on is -love of trains. I grew up with parents who both worked for Frisco RR in St. Louis, Mom was 3rd generation in her family to work for them. Her grandfather came from Ireland and laid track building the RR in MO. 4 of his sons became conductors including my grandpa and 1 son worked as switchman, and a daughter married an engineer. We took a lot of train trips all over the US for free on Dad's pass, all pre-Amtrak. Some of my best memories are of those trips. I did not work for Frisco as they were moving most of office staff to Springfield, MO and I did not want to go. But I continue the tradition of riding trains, have taken many trips on Amtrak and always think of my parents when I am on a train. I feel they are smiling down on me carrying on the family tradition of loving trains.
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