I never expected…
I never expected to lose you as early as I did. I never got to fully be an adult with you. Where once a child, I could now see you not just as "Uncle Bill" but as another adult human. There are so many things I never asked you that I wish I had. So many more things I wanted to learn about you and from you. The week of your funeral, I drove our car to run some errands for the family. I found this small rosary in your car. You got it when you were in the Holy Land. I'm not religious, but it brings me comfort. It was important to you and you were so proud of this trip. I miss you so much. Sometimes I still talk to you. I wish you were here. I wish I could see your proud smile when I told you about everything I've accomplished. I wish I could laugh at your bad jokes one more time. I'll love you always.
Family, Faith