The tradition I carry on is…
The tradition I carry on is The American tradition of pulling up stakes & rising by your boot straps seems nostalgic, yet it is ever embedded in who we are as a nation & people. The tradition I've been attracted to & driven by is the nomadic nature of America. From across the globe, our ancestors tilled other lands, they toiled & traveled. From ships a shore, to wagon trains across plains, Americans are explorers. While often maligned, the American trailer has for nearly a century represented a means for a nation to move. Amidst the upheaval of 2020, we purchased an artifact of this tradition, a 1954 Spartan. Following a restoration, this trailer has become a time machine of sorts for us, built for a nation on the move following the great depression & WWII, it is our escape & mode of exploration, her name is Midge.