My life right now…
My life right now is quite different from what I would've envisioned a year ago. Last January, I sat at the piano, playing for what seemed like emptiness as the stage lights blinded my view of the packed theatre. Now, I've spent the last several months performing for actual emptiness. I was patient during COVID. I waited for months for the music industry to come back. But almost a year later, it hasn't. So that dream is deferred for now. I'm back in Boston for 24 hours before my starting my new job: my first non-musical gig since I was 16. In one day, I have to move 25 years of accumulation out of my childhood home before flying to Panama. There, I'm joining a family on their yacht and tutoring their two little girls as we sail across the world. I'm excited. And terrified. Tomorrow, starts a new chapter.
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