Now is the time…
Now is the time to stop domestic violence! So many people suffer in silence, fear for their lives on a daily basis and feel helpless and hopeless. That was my life for many years. I was first abused as a child, blamed for anything and everything, beaten and told that I was getting exactly what I deserved. When I grew up, I married an abusive man and continued to live in fear, loneliness and terror. Finally, I turned to my local Coalition Against Domestic Violence, where I was encouraged to keep a journal. Thanks to my wonderful group leader, Micki, I got out of my marriage (a.k.a. prison), published my journal ("Why Doesn't She Just Leave?" by Lisa Moss) and built a life for myself and my two children. At the age of 71, I am happily remarried but still suffer from low self-esteem and PTSD.
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