My life right now…
My life right now , I’m laughing all over myself because I’m so blessed of God. Before retiring Nov. 2011, I was an immunology flowcytometry field engineer traveling throughout the greater Midwest. My 30-year career demanded attention to details, a perfect juxtaposition for an international themed decorator and artificial bonsai inventor. School of Athens (foyer’s closet doors) is a reminder of intellectual diversity. Es Saadi: ‘Contented One’ entrance porch is a slice of Marrakech, Morocco. “Anasazi” pottery of the Ancestral Puebloan people (Four Corners Region) decorates the upstairs bathroom door. That same Four Corners Region’s soil (Colorado Plateau Province) is used to identify my “American Bonsai Collection.” On my Japanese living room wall I painted Mt. Fuji among the bamboo plants. 5 photos.
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