I was raised to believe…
I was raised to believe I could be anything I wanted to. That was except being on the basketball team. When all 5 foot 2 of me was turned down to be on the team in high-school, mom and I had a discussion. I will never forget her response: "they didn't say you couldn't PLAY, did they?", she said. So I joined my cousins and played in the alley. It was what I wanted to do and was good at. Her encouragement continued throughout my life. I will never forget the tears in her eyes when I mentioned wanting to go to college. "You can do it. You WILL do it", she said. Mom was right! My interests shifted from away from sports. To make a (very) long story short, I DID IT! I graduated with a Masters' degree. Eventually I opened my own business. Even though I never made millions, I was never in the red. Thanks mom!
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