At this point in my life…
At this point in my life I am looking at retirement, or it is looking at me. It is calling me to another phase of my life. I have mixed feelings about answering its calls. I love my work. It is what I went to school for. It is fulfilling. Even though it is not the best in pay, all my needs are met. Which reminds me of a sign I recently saw in front of a church: He fulfills your NEED not your GREED. It's funny when I look back over the years and did a count-down to this year and now it is HERE! I day-dreamed about it, worked toward it and wished for it to arrive. I hoped and prayed I would be healthy and able to enjoy my golden years. I thank God my prayers were answered thus far. I feel like the years have gone so fast, I have whiplash! Chronologically I am ready to retire. But age is just a number!