At this point in my life…
At this point in my life I‘m giving back to my mom who needs me. My mom has Alzheimer’s and I am her. full time caregiver. It has been the most rewarding, most emotional and worst time of my life. The emotions of watching your loved one slowly die cognitively can never be understood unless you’ve lived this experience. For me, on top of the emotional strain of moms care, I know I can’t return to normal life knowing mom is in this condition, and knowing that the condition will only worsen as days go by. To leave mom would be to leave my brother, who sacrificed everything to solely care for mom for 5 years alone. I can not abandon mom and my brother. So I am trapped by choice, to ensure mom has some quality of life in her own home for as long as possible. My only regret is that she could remember me as her son.