I never expected…
I never expected anyone in my life to die, much less one of my closest friends. We were in middle school. She was just thirteen. Jayla was everything I wanted to be: pretty, popular, outgoing; Which is why I never knew why she made such an effort to include me, or why she was kind to me when others weren't. I was so shy in middle school, and anyone could attest to that. Jayla was the first person on the cheer team that year to make an effort to talk to me. I remember the day she sat by me on the bus because I had no one to sit with. Two days before she passed, we took a picture under our favorite teacher's desk. Despite the pain she could no longer sustain, she always managed to alimerate mine. Because of Jayla, I felt like I belonged for the first time on that team. That was just Jayla.
Family, Faith, Community