I took a risk when…
I took a risk when I did a choice to be with a man of my life, father of our kids.hello, my name is Nadiya and I’m from Illinois but current in Utah.I moved to USA in 2010 looking for American dream. I met my kids father (His name Shane) 7 years ago at my old job...He was not my type of man( African American, dreads, saggy pants, shorter then me) but I seen something in his eyes, I felt fast heartbeat when he said hey you. And then it started dates, rides.Couple months after we met I got pregnant, we moved in together, 3 years after and I gave a birth to our second son. I did a choice to risk African American man, I did a choice to be his backbone, I did a choice to protect him, I did my choice to be by his side no matter what.I took a risk and took a chance to love him and be loved.
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