The tradition I carry on is…
The tradition I carry on is eating cheese, I grew up next to a dairy farm. I spent a lot of time in the cow pasture, with cows, watching the clouds. One of my first memories, age 3, was being taken care of at the home of Mrs. Moles. My favorite lunch there was open-face grilled orange cheddar cheese sandwiches. I remember being at eye-level with the oven door, seeing a tray of bubbly hot sandwiches coming out, too hot to eat. Fast forward 25 years, I have a child of my own, Zack, age 3. His dad’s sick in the hospital. We went to the GreenMarket and got some farmer’s cheese from the PA Dutch. Zack was convinced these cheese curds were what cured his father and brought him home from the “hosdebile.” Thirty years later, I’ve become lactose-intolerant. Despair! Zack suggests sheep’s milk cheese. It works! Eat cheese!