My American story started when…
My American story started when I asked why we had school on Lunar New Year. It was more fun than “regular” New Year’s. My aunts pressed red envelopes in my hand, the house was decorated with lanterns, couplets, and Popo placed clementines everywhere for good luck. As my cousins and I grew older, family celebrations still consisted of Buddha’s Delight and lotus candy, but preoccupied with college apps/work, there was nostalgia - I wish I hadn’t grown up. My sister and I now live on the East Coast... my family in CA. Instead of taking PTO to fly home, this year we celebrated on WeChat and Zoom. Wearing my only red blouse, I waved to Popo virtually. How I celebrate Lunar New Year has changed, but the core memories, traditions, sounds, and smells remain intact. Being Asian-American, this is what Lunar New Year means to me.
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