My American story started when…
My American story started when I left India in 2002 to find a safe & peaceful life for my son & myself. I used to teach US history in a college in New Delhi. In the US, I have served as an administrator in higher education & a professor. I've also worked for 3 years at the Smithsonian. I've raised my son in the best way I could. He is my biggest blessing. I am a published poet, short story writer & a children's writer with 7 books. My writings can also be found in journals in the US, UK, Australia & Asia. My books are part of a multiculturalism course, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. I am also a columnist with New York based aaduna & I volunteer a lot, also teaching chair yoga. I've just completed a novel on the journey of a single mom & an immigrant & it speaks to many global injustices & also sheds hope.
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