When I step outside my door…
When I step outside my door each morning, I’m greeted by endangered animals. Not Rhinos or Pandas, but animals that are not usually considered to be in danger of going extinct: Pineywoods Cattle. I emigrated to US in 2008. In 2015 I chose to raise Pineywoods Cattle to help in the conservation of this important and historic American landrace. Their ancestors were brought to what is now the Southeast by Spanish conquistadors in the early 1500’s. They are heat tolerant, disease resistant and can thrive on a mix of grass and woodland. They eat brambles, greenbriar, privet, kudzu and much more. They have not lost their innate ability to graze for medicine like they did when they ran wild. I have observed them take a bite of Black Walnut leaves, branches and bark. Black Walnut contains jugulone, a natural anti-parasitic.
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