To me, work means…
To me, work means finishing the first 9 to 5 shift as an RN, and coming home to my 5 to 9 shift as a full time mom. Administering shots, checking charts, and helping the patients are all easy tasks compared to my second mom shift. To me, work means nonstop laundry, dishes, snacks, baths, homework, park trips and snuggle time, which in turn means little sleep, no time for myself, structured days, and nonstop chaoticness. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Work means that I am maintaining and embracing my perfect chaos. Working hard each day to keep my babies happy and healthy means that I can rest easy knowing that my kids will know what working hard means, and that they will follow in my footsteps. Work isn’t work when you love what you do, and that’s basically me!
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