My greatest challenge is…
My greatest challenge is being first in almost everything I've ever done. I was the last of 5 children but the first to have grown up in the most beautiful house I've ever seen, before it was ruined. The first 6 year old to start public school in 2nd grade, and subsequently to be humiliated by my teacher and consciously decide against doing more than absolutely necessary to get out. The one who scored in the 98th percentile in abstract reasoning. The first to become a Baha'i at 17 with no other family members preceding me and almost everywhere I go I'm the first Baha'i. The first Certified Surgical Technologist in General Surgery in Wilmington NC and to suffer diagnosed PTSD from no one else's help other than the doctor with a patient who almost bled to death. And that's just a few highlights. It's been tough.
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