My American story started when…
My American story started when I was 6 years old living in Stuttgart, Germany. As I drove my yellow BMX bike up to the American barracks, I had no idea that would be the beginning of a long journey to find my father, and my way to America. My father had been fighting in Vietnam, and then was stationed in Germany, here he met my mother. Extenuating circumstances brought him back to the States, which then innocently brought me to the barracks looking for him. Much to my youthful dismay, he was gone. This would be the first of many efforts to try and find my long lost father. Years of searching, brought nothing but dead ends. Finally, when I was 35 a lawyer found him for me! I now happily live in the US with my father, who is now ailing with Parkinson's disease which they believe was brought on the Agent Orange in Vietnam.
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