I took a risk when…
I took a risk when I quit my job in TX & flew 6,938 mi to Seoul, South Korea. Born in Seoul & adopted when I was four months old (by my family in MO), I returned to Seoul for the first time in thirty years. It was the biggest risk that I have ever taken, & I had the best time of my life. During my time in Seoul, I experienced the Korean culture, language, & food for the first time. I stayed in guesthouses, slept in bunk beds, made great friends from all over the world, visited my adoption agency & located my birth family. Two years later, & my experience still reminds me everyday to take risks even when I'm scared, authenticity is crucial, it's okay to ask for help, trust my intuition, take adventures, & to always believe in myself. Everything works out in the end...you just have to take that first step.
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