I took a risk when…
I took a risk when 1 5. I rode the Greyhound at night to Atlantic City, New Jersey, to find work. I heard that I could clean rooms and earn money for college. With only twenty dollars in my pocket and a one way bus ticket, I had no choice. My aging grandmother said, " You can come back, if you need to." I did not want to go back. My birth parents were dead. I yearned for money to go to college. For three months, I stomached cleaning other's people's waste, eating left over food from the hotel kitchen, sleeping in a rooming house with three beds per room, and waiting for the bathroom door to squeak so that I could dash in. I boarded the bus at the end of summer knowing that I had enough for at least one semester. The reward was self confidence and the college giving me financial aid. I did it!
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