I took a risk when…
I took a risk when I performed my poem at a poetry slam called Louder Than a Bomb (LTAB for short). LTAB was a group for teenage poets to freely speak their minds and to truly be heard. I believe I was the first person in LTAB to say a whole poem in sign language. I cannot talk, so I use sign language to communicate. Before my first performance at LTAB, I was extremely nervous. I remember sitting in a bathroom stall thinking maybe I could just stay in there the whole poetry slam and not perform. Luckily, I got the nerve to go up on stage and perform my poem "The Girl Who Fought." The scoring in LTAB was from a 1-10. A lot of people in LTAB liked to hate on the judges because it was kind of absurd to try to put points on people's art. However, I am proud to say I got all 10s.