I took a risk when…
Discretion Advised, Mature Content.
I took a risk when I made the safest choice for my eldest daughter/myself to escape repeated domestic violence. My ex-husband would beat on me & threaten to kill me. One occasion he had the barrel of a rifle against my throat saying if he couldn’t have me, then no one will. I grabbed the phone without notice, hit redial, hid the phone & mother answered. I thought one button redial is better than 911, since he’d notice the phone dialing. I’ve never called for help out of fear of the unknown with him. Myself & my daughter escaped, f iled for divorce, & moved on as a single mom to unconditionally love & care for my daughter. My ex-husband disappeared by choice out of state & barely ever made attempts to talk with our daughter. However, I took a risk for our safety & escaped a domestic violence relationship.
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