I took a risk when…
I took a risk when I boarded a segregated midnight Greyhound to Atlantic City, N.J. I knew no one, no place to stay, only a two way bus ticket and ten dollars that my younger sister added to my ten that I had hidden away for my escape from segregation. How naïve at 15! Upon arrival I looked at the bus terminal board for "Rooms to Rent, "Jobs." I scribbled phone numbers, dialed and heard a voice, "Come by, you can walk here from the bus station." Address in one hand, carboard suitcase in the other, directions from a stranger and a hot humid walk, I arrived. There, the owner asked for my bus ticket as payment before showing me a shared bed in one room. "This is it and it's good enough for your kind." You can clean rooms and toilets here until you get a paycheck. "For my kind" shattered my escape dream.