Family looks like…
Family looks like t his woman who was my grandmother. Jessie Cox was born in 1887 here in Humboldt County. Grandma started teaching me about fishing when I was about 7 years old and able to follow her on the banks of the VanDuzen river. Under her tutelage I learned the fine art of digging worms and putting them in a tobbaco tin with just a bit of dirt. The tobbacco tins fit perfectly in my pants pockets. Next I learned how to thread a worm on a hook so it would stay put. We had bamboo polls with small reels which she taught me how to cast while she showed me how to land my worm in the best spot. In those times catching trout with worms was a snap, we would catch and release all but the biggest fish, clean them and have them pan fried for dinner.
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