I’m letting go of…
I’m letting go of the old story to allow the new story to emerge. I am letting go of the baggage of ancestral pain, grief & trauma I have been collecting for an eternity. I am letting go of anything that is not love so I can embrace the new story of wholeness & healing. I am welcoming my soulful self to find true purpose in being here now. I am letting go of all the petty drama, guilt & shame that had me trapped in struggle & survival mode for so long. I am letting go of the search for belonging outside of myself knowing I am at home in belonging to myself. I am coming home to myself and practicing self-love, forgiveness & compassion for the past versions of me who wasn’t able to be as kind to herself as she could be to strangers. I am my own true beloved. I am free to be me & so are you. We are beloved.
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