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What keeps me up at night is…
What keeps me up at night isGazing at the empty pillow next to me and remembering the 23 years of love & laughter with my late husband. We’d lie in bed at night having deep conversations about science or, we’d expound on a silly topic & laugh hysterically. When I couldn’t sleep he’d rub my back and sing softly in his almost-on-key baritone,“Close the door, light the lights, we’re staying home tonight, far away from the bustle, and the bright city lights. Let the world fade away, just leave us alone, and we’ll live in a world of our own.” He died a year ago and my world crashed. I write to him nightly & imagine his head on its pillow and the rhythm of his breathing in the stillness of our bedroom. Truly ‘my world faded away, when he left me alone, to live in this world on my own. ‘