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You don’t know what it’s like to…
You don’t know what it’s like tolive every day in pain.I sustained a serious C-spine injury in 2010 that
changed my life forever. I live a life filled with pain every
day. I also have had to battle
other serious health issues over the yrs, including now a Breast Cancer scare.Restrictions on pain medicine, has left people in pain housebound and isolated. Tragically, deaths in the pain community are rising due to suicide and pain
induced complications.

Opiophobia is now pervasive. It is a catastrophe in the making; one that
will make the ‘opioid crisis’ pale in comparison. If we do not change course,
the only thing that remains to be seen is what the final body count will be
when we finally wake to the folly of short sighted, knee jerk reactionary
politics, policies, and practices.