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My parent(s) wanted me to…
My parent(s) wanted me toeat Vicks Vapor Rub. I had a
really bad cold and could not breathe through my nose. My Mom and the other adult told me to go
to the bathroom and get the Vicks Vapor Rub. They told me if I ate the Vicks
Vapor Rub they would give me fifty cents. Wow! A whole fifty cents! I took a
finger of rub out of the jar and ate it. Genius! I got the money and immediately
took a big swig of my 16 ounce bottle of Royal Crown cola. To this day I
believe that Royal Crown cola saved my life! And I did feel better. Later I
read the Vicks jar. “Vicks Vapor Rub is not to be taken internally”. Wait! What?
Genius! Pure Genius!
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