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What keeps me up at night is…
What keeps me up at night is .. worrying about money.. I was a nurse...10 years and that was enough stress.. I have like 5 years before I can retire..even then I plan to continue working as long as Im healthy..I took a pay cut to go back to my old career as a floral designer..something thats fun and I love...I am happier not nursing..My husband drew his social security early to help..he has been unable to work due to spinal stenosis degenerative disk disease. I still have a son to get through highschool..and college for him 2023..my daughter Allie, 23..lives at home .. she helps pay the electric bill monthly and buys some of her own foods.. we get by.. but We have no retirement savings..so yes..MONEY WORRIES..keep me up at night.
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