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My parent(s) wanted me to…
My parent(s) wanted me to know there can be humanity in war.

CAPT August J. Furla, Battalion Medical Officer, 57th Field Artillery Battalion and "Mona Lisa" an orphan child during the Korean War. The story was profiled in the Pacific Stars and Stripes, Feb. 26, 1951 and the nonfiction novel about the Korean War “THESE ARE YOUR SONS” by Timothy J. Mulvey.

My late Dad, August J. Furla, Captain, US Army, MC was a World War II, Occupation of Japan, and Korean War veteran. He served during WWII, Occupation of Japan, and the Korean War in the US Army Medical Corps and with the 57th Field Artillery Battalion as the Battalion Medical Officer along with various Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals and forward aid stations. Significant campaigns included the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir (Nov 1950).