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My American story started when…
.My American story started when born to H.S. sweethearts from a small reservation town. Their
trailer was next to Grandma’s house. I flourished in grandma’s love & cultural
teachings. Her loving nurturing ways would be my saving grace, in times
of darkness & light. Reflection of the past encourages, utilizing blessings
& teachings support hopeful thoughts & love guides my future. My teen
years, we lived in a town bordering the reservation. My 1st job was at NACA. 40 years later at NACA
sharing myself; cognitively, physically, spiritually & culturally, as
needed to fulfill objectives of Indigenous based program. Caring about the agency, the people &
caring on a legacy. Every day, I pray
for guidance to serve the People in a good manner. Caring, sharing & giving back is my
American dream.
Family, Work, Fun, Faith, Community