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My American story started when…
My American story started when I quit my job in 2017 to travel to America to see what it is.
First stop is NYC! Coming from Hong Kong, the jet lag was terrible on my first visit. Couldn't deal with the crowd and noise there either!

I tagged along a friend who came for his friends' graduation in Williams College, Williamstown, MA. They were all aiming to get a job, climbing high... Quite inspiring for a person who just quit a job! Spent about 40 days around East Coast that time.

I made another trip to California for 21 days in 2018. Visited my friend who works in YouTube. Attended KonMari Consultant Seminar. Then I flew to LA too! I really love Tom Hanks!

3 months after that trip, I found out I win diversity visa lottery. Very surprised! So, in 2019, I moved from Hong Kong to Bay Area!