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I took a risk when…
II took a risk whencontinuing my story already told under "I was raised to believe." I revel in my own diversity upon
the discovery of a strong Jewish heritage thanks to a family rumor,
Ancestry.com and DNA, and the brilliant German genealogist, Ute Brandenburg.
My grandmother, Jane A. Meckes, would have
loved to share her stories and mementos accumulated over her lifetime. It would be easy for her to speak of her
grandfather (as manager of the Circus Renz) and the story
of his stepping into the lion cage when the tamer had succumbed to pneumonia.
The show must go on!
It might have been
more difficult for her to appreciate our truest family history, and her
grandparents renunciation of Judaism. I wish, together, Grandma and I could explore
and delight in a rich Jewish culture and religion.