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My American story started when…
My American story started whenRalph and Elizabeth Blaisdell came ashore at Pemaquid Point, Maine on August 26, 1635. Mine is the European story of America. The Blaisdells grew with the country and stretched across the continent with the country. They joined my Norwegian immigrant grandparents who came here in the late 1800's and I revel in the stories (both true and mythic) that I was told about their lives. But what makes me happiest is the evolution of my family. You see, my grandchildren no longer look like the English/Nordic /Norther European people I came from. And that is a good thing. By 2040 the majority of the people in this country will not look like me. Thankfully, I have seen the graciousness of the people in the Rio Grande Valley, and I know I will be in good hands.