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What gets me out of bed in the morning is…
What gets me out of bed in the morning ismy desire to start a family! I always wanted to be a mom! My heart is so full of love & life. Caring for my friends & family is rewarding, but I felt there was more to give & more space in my heart to fill. Plus I have two cats, two birds & am in desperate need of another human! One day I decided to take steps to make my dream come true. I contacted an adoption attorney, learned all adoption entails & it felt right! I am single. I am turning 40. This does not mean I cannot share all the blessings in my life with a little family. EVERY morning I wake up and think, how can I put myself out there today? How can I reach more people to spread the word- I am loving, quirky & hoping to start a family! That gets me up. Making a life long dream come true.