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The tradition I carry on is…
The tradition I carry on is elbow-grease of my Grandmama Evada. She used to drink coffee out of a jade cup in the morning, Mountain Dew in the afternoon, and the sweetest tea you ever tasted for supper. My grandmama Evada taught me how to filet a fish and shell peas; elbow grease was a regular part of her vernacular. The serenity prayer was glued to the dashboard of her peach Malibu Classic and I read it while her cigarette smoke swirled around my head. As she white knuckled the steering wheel and finger-waved, Avon peach lipstick covered the ache of lost children, the toil of being a farmer's wife in Eastern North Carolina. Now living in Vermont, I am a single mom, special educator, moonlighter, and student in a master's program. Elbow grease gets me where I'm going. thank you, Grandmama.
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