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I was raised to believe…
I was raised to believe Minnesota's lakes were formed by glaciers and by Paul
Bunion's blue ox, Babe. The Boundary Waters between Minnesota and Canada
feed the Lakes. A lesser known fact is that the source
of the Mississippi River is beautiful Lake Itasca and that the leeches on Lake Itasca are huge, brown, and speckled with black spots.
We learned to expect the trip; journeying there each year; loving
the adventure, forgetting it, then remembering. W
hat mattered, was creating
memories; the legends
of Paul Bunyan and Babe were told in our own life stories, the stories
we heard from our earliest years. The real and imagined spun together and wherein lay
the true value
of family. The whole mix a magnificent offering

“The only gift is a portion of thyself.” Emerson