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I never expected…
I never expectedthe rest of America to be going through what I went through the last few years. I lost my career and much more to chronic illness that became disabling. I'm at home most of the time. When I go out it's for doctor visits and groceries. I've had to fight and fill out endless paperwork to get the financial, medical, and emotional help I need. I lost my ability to drive more than 25 minutes, travel by airplane, or do my hobbies (painting, journaling, bicycling, hiking, camping, reading and learning science). It takes 2 or 3 years to get approved for SSDI. Most people don't have the resources to make it through. I'm fortunate that I made it through with help. I never expected to be disabled this young. I'm fortunate that I accomplished so much in 30 years with chronic illness.
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