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I never expected…
I never expected
To be locked inside
Quarantined to my house
As we enter dark times
Schools shutdown
And businesses closed
Society worried
About what the future holds
Fear spread, jokes made
As we try to cope
Try to keep our heads up
And not lose hope
But yesterday,
I went to the grocery store
And could barely buy
Bath tissue and soap
That's how I know
That I know
That no one really knows
Were undermining
This situation
Politicians keep calm
Or they'll scare the nation
Graduations gone
What about graduation
Jobs laid off
What about the bills
Kids stuck at home
What about the meals
Thinking 'bout it now it
Just gives me chills
(Yea, it just gives me chills)
Look into the eyes
Of the victims faces
You'll see pain, sadness, &anguish
But some people happy
'Bout the situation
By: @trellz777
Family, Work, Fun, Faith, Community