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My greatest challenge is…
My greatest challenge is ... Autism. The biggest challenge is how some people believe that autism needs a "cure". I can't speak for all autistic people, I can only speak for me. I don't need, or want, a cure. Autism has it's pros and cons, but overall, I'm fine with who I am. My brain just functions differently from others, and I'm okay with that. Not everyone is supposed to be the same. Neurodiversity, I think, is a great thing for us as a society. It's great to understand how others see and experience the world. To say that autistic people need to be "cured" is very odd to me. Autistic people aren't sick. We aren't broken. We are just different. And I believe that differences are a great thing. I don't think folks need to cater to me because I'm autistic. I just want acceptance.