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What keeps me up at night is…
What keeps me up at night is Still missing missing Mr. Wright..Helplessly, Head over heels.Endlessly, in agony, my heart does feel.Lovingly, The moon met the sky.Sadly, It yet, still makes me cry.Selfishly, I neglected you.Hopefully, a forgetful truth.Ignorantly, I chose to be gone.While Undeniably, I yet held on.Joyfully, proud, of time well spent.Tragically, shocked, at how it went.Magically, memories, remain engraved.Un-forgettingly, Our paths were paved.Un-regrettably, You soldier on.Bravely, Boldly, into a new dawn.We are soldiers fighting, to save our hearts.Losing the fight, as our paths do part.Never knowing, what could have been.Yet so proud, to call you friend.Never forgotten, Always loved and remembered.Ever cherishing, the time and the love, we had together.