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A day’s work is…
A day’s work is waking up approximately at 8:00 am every morning why? I like routines and staying on a schedule. My mom is usually downstairs already because she feeds our cat early every morning and then my mom will wait for me to come down stairs shortly after. My mom makes eggs, toast, and we can't forget about coffee. I used to order a Iced Caramel Macchiato Frappe at my school cafeteria at my college, but since being home and not having the connivence of that, I know make it at home. My mom was so cute, and bought me Caramel Syrup, I use french vanilla from Trader Joes Coffee Creamer, and some cold brew coffee, topped with milk and more syrup. I definitely think I could be the next best coffee shop. I then eat eggs with my coffee with my mom and then shower etc.#wagnerportaits#sw211
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