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My parent(s) wanted me to…
My parent(s) wanted me to feel like I belong. I feel I belong with my work in regenerative agriculture, my
interactions with others on the autism spectrum, and
with other species. I feel a great aching hole in my heart as I
watch as modern humans continue to destroy the
evolutionary gift of biodiversity that the planet provides all of life. ~This pandemic
isn't new to me or anyone who has lived with chronic
illness; a loss of income; a lonely,
isolated life and a constant fear of what strife the
next moment would bring to our lives. ~I feel the earth questioning
the viability of a species that has dared to name itself homo sapiens (sic). My parents wanted me to be wise. I
think the earth wants us to be wise, too. Do we want that redemption badly enough to pursue it as a species?
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