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When this is over…
When this is over? Oh, this is not going to be over. This is going to change us fundamentally in ways that are unpredictable. I think unfortunately one of the things we have to get used to is that we are in a time of change and we don't know where that change is going to take us. That's always scary but it's not avoidable. So, I think we have to help our scared selves get through it together. I think it's going to involve talking more to people, sharing more, and trying to focus on things besides just the statistics. The statistics are too grim and too large already to make an impact, at least in the way that a personal anecdote can. Unfortunately, I think the statistics are only likely to grow. We can't go backwards on a pandemic. More people are going to die, more family are going to be left bereft, more people are going to be hurt and it will go on until we have a vaccine and even after we have a vaccine there may be recurrences. The pandemic in 1918 changed the world permanently. This will change the world, too. No one who came into that could see how it was going to end and we can't either. All we know is that we go into it human and we come out of it human, too.