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My parent(s) wanted me to…
My parents wanted me to be a lawyer. Its blindly comforting, being handed a mission at birth. And I understand that parents do it from a place of love. The downside is that children dont learn what they want or like, or how to make choices that feel right to them; I only had to learn to make the choices most likely to get me into law school. I never questioned my mission, really. I just moved through life with this implicit understanding that if it wasn't law school, it was for someone else. I became so good at doing what I was supposed to do to become a lawyer, that it wasnt until my first class, on my first day of law school, that I finally stopped to ask myself if I even wanted to be one. No, I heard, unequivocally. I sat dumbfounded for the next 50 minutes. And then most of the next year.
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