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The Series Creators

From their imaginations, the series was born.

GREGORY NAVA (Creator and Executive Producer)

Gregory Nava
Gregory Nava

Writer/Director/Producer Gregory Nava became a major international filmmaker with his 1983 film "El Norte," for which he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay as well as a Writer's Guild of America Award nomination. Co-written with producer Anna Thomas, "El Norte" garnered a number of international awards and in 1996 the film was named an "American Classic" and designated for special preservation by The Library of Congress.

In 1995, Nava continued his string of ground-breaking Latino films, directing and co-writing the multi-generational saga "My Family/Mi Familia" which starred Edward James Olmos and Jennifer Lopez, in her first movie appearance. In 1996, Nava went on to direct the feature film "Selena" based on the life of the slain Tejano superstar and the definitive breakout role for Jennifer Lopez, earning her a Golden Globe nomination. Nava then followed with "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" starring Halle Berry, Larenz Tate and Vivica Fox (1998).

Nava is also the creator and executive producer of the Emmy-nominated television series, AMERICAN FAMILY - JOURNEY OF DREAMS, the first dramatic series to have an all Latino cast in the history of broadcast television.

Nava is currently developing a film about the life of Emiliano Zapata for Disney and is slated to direct "Bordertown," a thriller set on the U.S.-Mexico border.

BARBARA MARTINEZ JITNER (Creator and Executive Producer)

Barbara Martinez Jitner
Barbara Martinez Jitner

Barbara Martinez Jitner serves as Executive Producer of the widely acclaimed drama series AMERICAN FAMILY - JOURNEY OF DREAMS.

Martinez Jitner is the first Latina Executive Producer of a primetime network television drama series. She wrote and directed several of the 22 episodes of the first season of AMERICAN FAMILY.

Martinez Jitner began her career in theater as a core member of the ensembles of such theater luminaries as Jerzy Grotowski and Luis Valdez. She then became an award-winning director of television commercials and music videos. Martinez Jitner's film career began as a documentarian, producing the Disney documentary "American Tapestry," which aired on Showtime. She also directed the Latino segment of "American Tapestry" entitled "La Frontera/The Border," which exposed the slave-like working conditions in NAFTA factories at the U.S./Mexico border.

A collaborator of Academy Award nominee Gregory Nava ("El Norte," "Mi Familia/My Family"), Martinez Jitner first began working with Nava on the Jennifer Lopez breakthrough film "Selena" as the 2nd Unit Director and also directed the music videos for the feature. Martinez Jitner also served as the 2nd Unit Director and the Visual Effects Production Supervisor on Nava's "Why Do Fools Fall In Love," starring Halle Barry.

Martinez Jitner continues to work with Nava as the Vice-President of El Norte Productions, and is developing several feature films, including a biopic on the life of Mexican Revolution leader Emiliano Zapata for Disney, "Tattooed Soldier" for HBO and "Bordertown," a thriller set on the U.S./Mexico border.

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