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Jim Brown, producer/director, AMERICAN ROOTS MUSIC A Note from Jim Brown

American Roots Music benefited from a "dream team" of producers, advisors, writers, technicians, musicians, music industry professionals, public and private institutions and funders. I think that everyone involved in the project viewed it as a unique opportunity to create something special. Some of us spent nearly four years working on American Roots Music. The last two years routinely consisted of twelve hour work days, six and seven day weeks and frequent days away from home, family and friends. Although grueling, it was a positive and uplifting experience. We were always in the company of wonderful musicians and engulfed in their music.

The results of these efforts include a four-part television series, a book crafted by the same scholars and advisors that crafted the series, DVD and home video sets that will hopefully carry American Roots Music into schools, libraries and homes, a CD box set of nearly all the music featured in the series, a database that reflects more than three years of research, a collection of hundreds of hours of interviews and performances by some of the legends of American music, and this website. Also underway are plans to develop curricular materials.

American Roots Music was the result of a team effort by people who gave generously of their time. This "Behind the Scenes" section of the website introduces you to some of themů

-Jim Brown, producer/director, AMERICAN ROOTS MUSIC

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