detail of a beaded labrador  from Cochran quilt

Laura Wasilowski cuts out shapes after ironing fusible webbing to her cloth.

Laura Wasilowski

Laura Wasilowski is a contemporary quiltmaker who is inspired by stories of family, friends, and home. Her vivid hand-dyed fabrics, combined with whimsical stories, result in pictorial art quilts that chronicle her life. She also serves as the Dean of Corrections for The Chicago School of Fusing.

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“It's an art form that seems very natural to me.”

“Well I learned about fusing from a friend, Melody Johnson. She was using it in her work and so I tried it. Right away I realized that it was a very direct medium, very easy to use this technique. I can go directly from any image or any idea I have in my head directly to the making of the quilt. In traditional quiltmaking, you generally piece or sew things together. In fusing if you want to join two fabrics, you just overlap them and iron them so it's very quick. It's very easy. It's kind of like painting in a way in that you can slap down a color, and another color, and another color and pretty soon you have a whole collage of color. In fact, it's a lot like collage work. So I can work swiftly. I can make more work and, of course, as an artist the more work you make, the better you get, the better you feel, that type of thing. So why not do art all the time? So I like fusing a lot. It's my medium, it's my way of working and I don't think I could go back to piecing. It just wouldn't work for me.

Quiltmaking is a way for me to express myself. It's an art form that seems very natural to me. I get to work with fabric, which is something that I understand very well. It's tactile and it's got color, and it's got texture and it's all those things that other mediums don't have. So that's why I went into quiltmaking and stuck with it for so long. I think because it gives me so much more than other types of mediums.”


Detail from Chickory by Laura Wasilowski.