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'Don't Let Al Qaeda Dictate Our Urban Planning'

By Tom Auchterlonie
Mt. Kisco, NY

New York is a strong city, one that can rebuild. In my opinion this strength cannot be shown by the blind, short-term desire for a large-scale memorial park on Ground Zero. A large scale Necropolis will not help Lower Manhattan recover from its economic woes, nor will it stimulate the Downtown economy. Right now can be seen as a window into the future if we choose not to rebuild. We do don't need to see daily sermons by a piece of rubble that resembles the cross, nor do we need bagpipe processions lining block adjacent to Ground Zero. It's time that we tell Al Qaeda that they can't dictate our urban planning. We must rebuild to show American resolve, and to honor the victims with a living memorial.

I believe that the new WTC should have a tall building once again. There are people who oppose this. But I say it's still feasible. Almost everything in NYC is a target, be it the bridges, subways, and buildings. Also, shorter buildings cannot absorb the impact of a plane or bomb the way the Twin Towers could. While the towers stood for an hour and a half, 50-story towers would collapse within half an hour if put in a similar situation, leaving little time to evacuate. Fireproofing should be more up to date and the Port Authority shouldn't be exempt from city building codes. That said I believe the building should be as tall or taller than the Twin Towers were. It should have several complex setbacks and have different style facades on each side of the building. It should have several shards of glass that could be lit up at night, as well as a spire.

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