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By Kenneth English
Floral Park, NY

It must include the footprints. They should be open, clear covering over them with low fence around the footprints to allow people to look down into rubble of the towers because what was on television did not show the devastation. This will allow everyone to FEEL the site.

Down below ground should be glass lined walls and a slow moving 'walkalator' to circle the rubble so it can be seen at eye level but keep people moving. Also the museum with pictures, video footage of both the construction and the attack, pieces of the buildings, emergency vehicles and the dust.

Two curved stainless steel spires, one from each footprint come together into arch and point up to the sky next to searchlights showing where the towers stood. They need to be powerful enough to be seen outside of Manhattan. This will be the entrance to the pathway.

Once past the footprints, there should be an open park area with a winding pathway, along the path will be the names of the people lost and benches for people to sit and 'visit' their loved ones. This should extend over West Street, (Hero's Highway). How to list the names I am at a loss! The idea Oklahoma had, empty chairs signifying the empty chairs at the dinner table is brilliant. Each name should have the flag of their country to show global impact, small picture and short paragraph about them. Not walls of names like war memorials. There should be an index book of names like the Vietnam Memorial; it can be done online (kiosk) instead of a book.

People talk about the names of people grouped together by some common bond such as where they worked. They need to be intermixed, the common bond being 9-11. Segregating the names will also cause problems, what group is first and why was this group chosen last. The debate will going on for months, everyone yelling favoritism with another group.

International input should be looked at since this is a global tragedy, but an American designer and company need to put it plan together and build it. East, North, and South of the footprints, BUILD!!!

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